1. What would you do if your computer caught on fire?

    Published 23 July, 2020 Updated 31 December, 2020
    Have you ever wondered what you'd do if you spent the day working on a huge new feature, only for your machine to catch on fire before you push the code? Well… I'll bet you're wondering about it now. 🙃
  2. Building Web Apps with Firebase

    Published 30 January, 2020 Updated 4 January, 2021
    Data modeling makes everything easier when you're building an app. I'll explore my own data modeling process and discuss how I decide what data I need in my database.
  3. Stop Using ngOptions

    Published 2 September, 2015 Updated 29 April, 2020
    An old article where I gripe a lot about Angular 1.
  4. Why Is Browser Caching So Hard?

    Published 19 October, 2014 Updated 30 January, 2020
    If browser caching is the best way to speed up your site and make your users happy... why is it so hard?
  5. How to do Amazing Things

    Published 2 June, 2014 Updated 30 January, 2020
    A response to Raymmar Tirado’s 7 Reasons Why You Will Never Do Anything Amazing With Your Life